Simply The Staker’s

My name is Brittney Staker. If you read the “About Us” widget on the side you will see that I am very happily married to the most amazing person I could have ever found, Nathan. We have been married for, going on 6 years now. We were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple in 2014.

Since then we have moved to and from Phoenix, AZ, bought and built our own house, have brought the most incredible little boy and the sweetest twin girls into our family. We have definitely been on the roller coaster that we all call life, and it isn’t slowing down for anything!

I am currently a stay at home mama, trying to keep my bearings. I also do a little side gig making cakes. *Side note: if you are interested, information will be posted in “Sweet Spot” tab.* My Husband, Nate, owns a Mechanical/Auto Body/Restoration Shop with his Dad. He absolutely loves what he does and works so hard for his family! Sawyer, he is just like any other toddler little boy. Gets into everything, eating us out of house and home, screaming, laughing, running around and loving every little thing about life! Lexie and Jordie have had a tough run from Day 1. But after a couple months in the NICU, and a few short hospital stays for each of them since then, they are home and THRIVING! It’s been an adjustment but we absolutely love it! 💕

This blog, to me, is an outlet. The posts will be under the “Blog” tab. I have no structure or outline about what I will write about or talk about, basically it will just be an insight on the life of the Staker Family. We welcome anyone who is wanting to stay in touch or keep updated on what the future holds for us as a family!


Love Always & Forever,